To an explorer, there is no concept of success or failure. There is only the concept of that which may be found today and so the explorer bends his every tool and his every iota of consciousness to the task of observing accurately and perceiving clearly that which lies before him.
- Q'uo

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That want to deepen themselves


That understand the opportunity they hold


That are here to make the possible real

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Becoming Self

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Space to Become

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Who are we?
Our body, our mind, our personality, our essence? 
And who do we want to be?
Sometimes it seems like we get stuck being who we are… So how does one transform themselves? Is it another frame-work? Another “healing modality”?
And what does “being myself” really mean?…

As an ontological life coach, I work with people who have understood that they can do things differently, but to really transform their life, they need to become a more expressed Being – they need to be more of themselves.

It’s at this point, that we ask who we are and who we want to become.

To lose some of the conceptual language, coaching supports people to create something that currently seems impossible

Ontological coaching does this not just by looking at taking right actions, but by living through right being.

Only when we start looking at both levels (Doing and Being) can we encompass the totality of a person (Becoming).

To become more of who we are, it takes deeper commitment to ourselves. That’s why I work with clients over longer periods of time (3 month+) rather than on a session-to-session basis. It’s this space and time that creates trust and is what allows you to see into these deeper layers of your Doing, Being and Becoming.

In all cases, first we meet. We connect and talk about what it is you are extraordinarily excited about (that which you want to create but that seems impossible at the moment)

I’ll probably ask you about your deepest desire. What you are so excited about, that someone seeing you might think you are a child visiting a candy store for the first time. Something that you want but don’t tell people, because you fear that you might not get it. 

Only when we are clear on what you want to create, do we start to think about working together. We allow this process to naturally unfold.

Thus I want to invite you to connect with me and to tell me what you are excited about creating in your life!

Hi, i'm Maximilian

Every time I think about the fact, that I am doing something I absolutely love doing, I can’t help but smile and feel a rush of energy going up my spine.

I believe every person in this world is here to experience and to be themselves fully. The crazy thing about this is that there is exactly only one person who can figure that out. And that is you.

And to be apart of your journey in discovering yourself, gives me immense joy, excitement, purpose, clarity and insight.

Thank you for being you and having the courage to dive even deeper into yourself.