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The Key to Leadership is Finding your Centre

To lead means to create a (currently) unknown und unrealised reality – it means generating a future that doesn’t exist yet.
And standing still, calm and powerful in the flux of life, is what is needed to create this future.

Thus losing your centre, exacts a toll far beyond mere peace of mind.

It robs you of the capacity to foster stability, courage, and creativity, both within yourself and among those you lead. 

Reclaiming and nurturing this centre is crucial for realizing your visions.
Because within it resides the innate power to turn the seemingly impossible into reality.

What emerges from the centre of your Being, is nothing short of immanence

— a profound sense of connection, purpose, and presence that permeates your life and work.


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What My Clients Say

The Path to Centred Leadership

Supporting you in developing your leadership necessitates trust and relationship.

That’s why we’ll spend a considerable amount of time together first.

Enabling you to decide with confidence, if you’d like to walk this leg of your path together.

Thus these first three calls are my gift to you.

Step 1.

Vibe & Consultation Call

Are we excited about each other and what we're up to?
30 min
Step 2.

Sample Coaching Session

Does my style of coaching, empower you in your path?
60 min
Step 3.

Basecamp: Proposal Session

Your time to decide powerfully: Do you want more?
30 min

Ready to Lead from your Centre?

What is Centred & Integrated Leadership?

Three interweaving dimensions, create the foundation of successful, centred and integrated leadership.

Each layer must be recognised, for they are core to how we show up as leaders in the world.

Maximilian Hachtmann

Why I Coach Leaders Like Yourself

In a world of hyper-complexity and interconnectedness, what’s first to falter is the connection to our own core—the very essence of who we are.

This loss is particularly damaging for those steering the course of change, transformation and innovation.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to empower and stabilize these leaders, who are architecting the future and must first nourish their own inner core.

Merely profiting at the expense of others and nature, without regard for deeper connection, is no longer acceptable.

What we truly need are integrated leaders who unite heaven and earth, working in alignment for the betterment of all humanity.

Drawing from my studies in sociology, co-founding a startup, and guiding countless leaders as their coach, I’ve cultivated a rich tapestry of experiences and insights.

I leverage these experiences to support others, having journeyed through my own process of self-discovery and centering over the past 15+ years.

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