Become Yourself.

I support leaders, seekers & creators to realise themselves into one integrated & embodied Life.

Trust Yourself

The impact and creation you want to have in the world, is hidden behind a mirage of complexity, subtleties and a need to get it right

Put another way, you mistrust your own Brilliance, Authenticity & Joy.

Constantly re-thinking and reflecting your decisions and choices. Thinking it through ad-infinitum and afraid to make a wrong decision. Not unfolding into your natural intuitive & instinctual depth.

But when you step into trusting yourself deeply,
 you will witness your gifts unfold into the world.




In 1-1 Partnership

It’s a lonely road, if you think you can’t be supported in expanding your depth and bring your gifts in to the world.

It’s a lonely road, if you think you’ll just outsmart your supporters and win another game of mental-chess against them.

The opportunity that is missed, is partnering with someone, who 
understands your sensitivity, thought-patterns and your being.  

Someone who will reflect your blindspots.
Someone who will stand for your truth.
And someone who will call you in.


 So that you are empowered to create the life you desire.
So that can have the impact in the world you see.
And so that you feel free to
become yourself.

Notion Template & PDF

Free Life Planner

Unfolding our own essence, gifts and desires, is a beautiful process. 

This process is deeply supported when we create a direction and map for this unfolding. Not only does this support our conscious-self to orientate in one direction, it also supports our subconscious-self to support us in this process.

Are you ready to envision the life you’ve always wanted?

Maximilian Hachtmann

A Guide & Seeker on the Path

I am passionately driven towards an integrated understanding and embodiment of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Throughout my explorations into sociology, design, meditation, spirituality, psychedelics, yoga, somatics and coaching, I’ve traversed deeply into my inner world. Uncovering treasures I never thought were possible.

As a seeker, I’m continually uncovering new layers of being. Navigating into an integral experience of the depth of my mind, the width of my body, the passion of my heart, and the expression of my soul.

As a guide, I support my clients to see these foundational layers of self, their behaviors and their ways of being. Revealing these otherwise hidden layers, so they can become alive, present and embodied.

What treasures might we find in your depth of being?

What My Clients Say

My Blend of Modalities

Life Coaching

As sensitive, self-reflective and brilliant beings, we often get tangled in our own net of over-thinking, questioning and doubting.

I’ll guide you into your journey of self-discovery, where you’ll find rest in your natural depth and width – developing the self-trust to empower your depth.

You’ll gain tools and embodied practice to transform internal barriers, align your actions with your deepest values, and to step into your authentic, creative power.

Unlocking Your Essence
– Become yourself continually
– Learn to trust yourself
– Create your life


Leadership naturally emerges when we are anchored in ourselves.

Losing your anchor can diminish your ability to naturally lead from Ease, Creativity, and Presence.

I’ll support you in firmly anchoring and continually re-anchoring into your center, develop the ability to empower yourself, and those you lead.

Step Into Your Impact
– Innovate from your authenticity
– Hold space for possibility
– Lead from your centre

Meditation & Spirituality

To be closest to your centre, and to become your full expression of your humanity, one naturally arrives at integral spirituality.

This ancient realisation of the integrated nature of the Body, the Mind, the Heart and the Self, creates the basis of any work, that claims to be transformational in nature.

I’ll lay out the foundation of this perspective and ground your process through this fundamental perspective of what it means to be human.

Centre Your Essence
– Learn to rest in your centre
– Mindfulness, not just for stress-reduction
– Integral & Metamodern

Become Yourself.