Empowering Creation


Catalyzing your creation through connection

Creating the things you want in your life means facing that which is stopping you from doing so. Often, the things that get in our way are like the air we breath – they seem to be a natural part of our life. We seek support to not just see and uncover what’s in the way, but to transform and shift these aspects.

In other words:
To empower your own process of creation.

Unlike working 1-on-1 however, working in a group means opening yourself up to others – sharing and bringing your creations into the world. Having others witness you in your process of growth, expansion and creation. Not just learning from others processes, but catalyzing your own self-development, creation and connection.

What might you create?

– Create a podcast
– Find deeper purpose in your life
– Create more business
– Develop deeper connection with yourself
– Start working on a book

How will you be supported?

– You’ll learn to  have clear intentions in your goals
– You’ll get in touch with what is stopping you from creating the things you want
– I’ll support you to see into the deeper lays of these blocks
– I’ll support you to move these blocks out of the way

One month

We’ll be working together for the month of November

In the first week I’ll support you in finding out what you want to create and why.

In the second week we’ll work on connecting the “Why” to specific actions.

The third week is there for you to put your passion into action and to start creating.

In the fourth week we’ll see what has developed and where you are hitting  blocks and resistance.

3 Sessions

Sessions will be held on
18:00 – 19:30 (CET)

#1 Session:

#2 Session:

Integration into action:

#3 Session:

90 min Each

Sessions will be held online over Zoom and in English.

What the sessions will look like:

Arrival and centering practice
15 min

Group coaching
60 min

Check-Out and closing
15 min

8 participants

The group is limited to 8 participants. This allows us an intimate and empowering space.


Total investment: 150€ / 175$

Empowering Creation

November Group Coaching

Maximilian Hachtmann

Group Coach and Facilitator

"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." – Charles Darwin