“Becoming Self” is a podcast to inspire you to become a more deeply expressed version of who you already are.

Through powerful interviews, touching conversations and personal inquiries, you’ll be called to pause, think and feel into your own journey of becoming yourself.

Taking the lens of transformation, coaching, art, psychology, philosophy and spirituality – we’ll explore the depth and breadth of what it means to become Self.

Ep. #3

Adam Quiney: Transforming and Deepening the Relationship to our Self

What does it mean to “transform”? And what is needed for an individual to undergo a transformation and to become more conscious?

In episode #3 of the podcast, I speak with Adam Quiney. He’s a transformation coach, working previously as a software-developer, project manager and lawyer, before finding his way into coaching. As a transformational coach Adam supports his clients to fully express themselves, leads “The Forge” (a nine month leadership-development space) and is about to publish his first book.

Adam tells us about his story of deepening his relationship to himself. How he continued to follow his passions. And Adam shares with us the moments where he was confronted with what he couldn’t see about himself. And we travel back in time and hear how Adam arrived and continues to explore where he is now.

Join me in this beautiful conversation, inquiring into the Self, transformational practices and the unfolding of Adam’s being.


Adam Quiney
Podcast: https://adamquiney.com/podcast-2/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aquiney


Ep. #2

Jacob Kishere: Dialogue as a Space to Become and Discover the Self

How do we come into relationship with ourselves? And how do we open up a conversation internally? Might there be a different way to allow conversation to go?
It’s episode #2 of Becoming Self and in this episode, I dialogue with Jacob Kishere, a philosopher, practitioner of transformative dialogue and a dear friend of mine. Jacob has been inspired by and has pulled on a thread of Being called “Dialogos”. This socratic notion of conversation is being reinvigorated by the likes of Jacob Kishere, John Vervaeke, Jordan Hall and the like.
Jacob shares with us how he grew up following his interest in history, philosophy, islam and religion, that lead him to the practices he shares today. Along this journey of exploring, Jacob went through a process of self discovery, healing and self-inquiry. Pulling on different threads of curiosity and finding himself in deeper relationship to himself and the world around him.
Join me and Jacob into a space of conversation, oozing in meaning, relationship and insight.

Ep. #1

Mark Rautenbach: Breaking Open Boundaries and Finding "Home" in Art, Life and Self

How do we find our own place of “home”? And what is this place? Is it in us or outside of us (or maybe both)? And how does this connect with my guest this week and Becoming Self?

Welcome to Episode #1 of Becoming Self. In today’s episode, I speak to Mark Rautenbach, a mixed-media artist, who has developed and created an impressive body of work. Weaving deep mythology, astrology, spirituality, self-expression and passion for life into his work – exploring himself and the world around him through his art.

Mark shares with us how growing up in apartheid South Africa, as a white male, created many boundaries of being. He also shares the subsequent path of finding his own identity, sexualty, expression, art and his journey of becoming and opening himself.

Allow me to take you on a journey into Mark’s world, insights, frictions, challenges, openings and expressions.

Mark Rautenbach:
Mark speaking about his work – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t23H7-klBh8

Ep. #0

Setting Forth on the Journey of "Becoming Self"

What is the “Self” and why is it capitalised? And why does it “become”?
What does it mean to “Become Self”? And am I not always myself?

In the first episode (Episode #0) of “Becoming Self”, you’ll be introduced to the interesting tension between “becoming” and “being”. You’ll come to know different perspectives and thoughts from different thinkers on the question of “What is the Self?”. I’ll introduce myself and share why I’ve created this podcast. And I’ll tell you about what I have have in mind for the podcast – what kind of guest and topics you can expect.

All this while allowing you to slow down, reflect and come into contact with your own sense of Self and the question of “who am I?”

If you’d like to get further into what I’ve shared, start here: