Monthly Group Coaching

A space to explore yourself. Get supported and move deeper into your life.

1st Tuesday of the month at 18:00 CET

Because more people need spaces that support them to see themselves deeply and cleanly. And because it’s in my ability to hold and lead these spaces. It’s a way of giving back and being in service to you and the world.

Seeing who you are in this moment is necessary to make any change in your life.

Thus when you give ourselves the space to distinguish, understand and speak to what is currently true, can you start to make changes in your life.

  • See where you are blocking yourself
  • Move through your resistances
  • Find new ways of being
  • Live a fuller life
  • Develop your own power
  • Strengthen your own self trust

Over 90 minutes we’ll meet and I’ll open a space for you to bring anything and everything. I’ll support you to:

  • ground and centre yourself
  • explore yourself
  • explore how you’ve created your reality
  • create next steps for your life


What the space will look like:

  • Check-in and arrival – 10 min
  • Group coaching – 70 min
  • Reflection and check-out – 10 min

My commitment to you

That you leave feeling more in touch with yourself, so that you can create the life you want. And that you feel confident and trusting in spaces with others.

My commitment to the space

That I get all the support I need, to be able to lead these kinds of spaces, so that I can create a clean space where you can see, hear and feel yourself.

90 Minutes

Give yourself space to get supported

Free and Open to All

Besides an open mind and heart, there’s no requirements to join!

Who am I?

My name is Maximilian and I’m a Transformational Life Coach, working through the lens of Ontology (the study of Being).

I originally studied Sociology with a personal emphasis on social interaction and philosophy. And along side this exploration of our collective reality, I had always been deeply interested in the reality of the individual.

It’s that deep interest of reality and perception, that lead me on the path of studying transformational practices and Ontological Coaching.

I’ve worked with individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs. Supporting my clients going through transformational phases of their life, as well supporting them to take the action needed to create a deeper and more expressed version of their life.

Meeting Monthly

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