Envision Your Life

When we realise that it takes intentional vision to create the life we want, we are ask posed with the questions of “How?”.

This Vision Map is but one answer and way to map out your future.

It holds the principle that we are integral beings, in which the width and depth of being alive is respected. Thus this planner is able to hold space for all the major areas of one’s life.

And, it is able to hold the fact that we are moving and developing in and along time-space. Thus we start our planning for in 10 years. From there envision what might have happened in 1 year. And then in 10 weeks from now.

This structure supports you to get a grasp of your desire and yearning, and is my gift to your self-creation and -development.




🗺️ The Vision Map

Unfolding our own essence, gifts and desires, is a beautiful process. 

This process is deeply supported when we create a direction and map for this unfolding. Not only does this support our conscious-self to orientate in one direction, it also supports our subconscious-self to support us in this process.

Are you ready to envision the life you’ve always wanted?

    Create Your Own Path

    My Gift To You

    I’ve iterated on and developed this life planner, to support my clients on their own path of self-creation.

    I’ve successfully used it with a wide set of clients and am now bringing it to you for free. 

    Why? Because it’s been so powerful for my clients and myself, and can set the foundation of your path ahead.

    Take Seat in Your Body
    – Free yourself of contractions
    – Generate from your body
    – Rest in your body

    Integral Life Design

    I believe, to live a wide, deep and happy life, in which we can feel and express our aliveness and vitatlity in every moment, we need to include all areas of our life.

    The Vision Map is exactly designed for this purpose. Thus we could also call it an “integral life planner”.

    Each area is connected to each other area. Thus we get to approach our life’s development with this integral and holistic perspective.

    Integral Life Areas
    Purpose & Life’s Work
    Self-Creation & Expression
    Business & Income
    Body & Health
    Home & Anchoring
    Friends, Family & Relationships
    Spirituality & Self-Realisation

    Notion Template & PDF

    You can use The Vision Map as a super sleek and pretty (if I may say so myself) Notion Template. (If you don’t have a Notion account yet, it’s free and an awesome software.)

    Or if you don’t want to use Notion, I’ve created a printable PDF. It’s also very pretty and works just as well.

    What’s Included
    – Notion Template
    – PDF Version

    Notion Template

    What Others Have Said

    Maximilian Hachtmann

    A Guide & Seeker on the Path

    I am passionately driven towards an integrated understanding and embodiment of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

    Throughout my explorations into sociology, design, meditation, spirituality, psychedelics, yoga, somatics and coaching, I’ve traversed deeply into my inner world. Uncovering treasures I never thought were possible.

    As a seeker, I’m continually uncovering new layers of being. Navigating into an integral experience of the depth of my mind, the width of my body, the passion of my heart, and the expression of my soul.

    As a guide, I support my clients to see these foundational layers of self, their behaviors and their ways of being. Revealing these otherwise hidden layers, so they can become alive, present and embodied.

    What treasures might we find in your depth of being?

    become yourself