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You’re Not Scared of Sharing Your Gifts, You’re Scared of Being Seen as Shy

It’s taken me this long, to figure out something quite simple.

It’s an answer to why I have been seemingly shy to share my insights with the world online. A realisation that I believe can free a lot of us in the same position.

An insights that is espeically potentet for those with a sharp and deep mind.

Understanding this Fear

It’s not that we are scared to be seen in sharing our gifts. Rather we are scared to be seen in our shyness.

We spend years thinking our gifts are not good enough. So we over-think and over-analyse the how of sharing our insights. We get stuck on the how of sharing. Always thinking we need to 1) improve our craft before it can be seen and 2) figure out the right way to share it.

What if it could be simpler?

Transforming this Fear

What if we could spawn an idea, and then form it into a relatable piece of content….

Continuing the flow of the thought, but in a more focused and integrating way. Finding new depths of insights through this natural unfolding of content. A way to turn the inside into an oscillating dialogue – between the depth of our being and the width of the world.

The only thing that may be practiced to arrive in this flow, is to actually witness our own vulnerability, shyness, and lack of self-trust.

But not just the concept of shyness, but to be seen in our actual embodiment of our shyness.

We are not scared of our insights arriving in the world. We are clear that what we have to share is valuable.

What we’re scared of is to be witnessed in our embodiment of being in our shyness, vulnerability and insecurity.

Practicing to be seen – Releasing Charges

For me, this insight set me on a new path.

So how you can transform your resistance to sharing your gifts with the world?

  1. Own the embodied reality the fear of sharing with the world (feel it and witness)
  2. Film or record yourself in this feeling and re-experience yourself
  3. Realise that the gifts you wish to share, are indepentant of your feeling of sharing

Practice #1 – Feel & Witness Yourself

Your emotions create the context and relationship you have towards your thoughts.

That means, when you are ex. shy (a particular embodied state of hormones, neurobiology, somatic strcuture) the thoughts you have in that moment, are colored by that neuro-emotion-spiritual-somatic state. What you subsequently think about that gift, it colored by the context you are.

Thus if you can transform your experience of the feeling of shyness in your body, you will be able to easily express your gifts.

Try it out.

When you think of sharing something and then think it’s “not good enough”, notice what emotional context is behind it. “Not good enough” is a clear indicator of a feeling (not just a thought) in your body. This feeling contextualises everything you wish to do with that state.

So when you allow the feeling of “I’m not good enough” to be witnessed by your conscious awareness, this feeling starts to feel safe. Safe to feel the way it feels.

This is what transforms an emotion.

You (the conscious awareness witnessing the emotion) don’t have to do anything. Because it’s not the awanress of, that has to “do” something. Rather the emotion will then have space to go through it’s motions.

You’ll witness it (and the subsequent thoughts you’ll also hear) transform.

Practice #2 – Record & Re-Experience Yourself

To make this real, actually record yourself while you go through the practice of feeling the fear of sharing.

By recording yourself, you are triggering the fear of being recorded and being seen.

That’s what makes this real, and not just an exercise.

You consciously create the situation that you are fearful of – but in a conscious and safe way. No one hast to see this recording except you. I encourage you to not share this.

Once you’ve recorded yourself in this process, re-watch it.

Watch your emotions follow your emotions. But also notice that your current experience of those fearful, shy, self-judgmental emotions are less.

This is what I would call a “transformation”. Not conceptual “I think it’s different” but an actually change in your experience of yourself.

Practice #3 – Your Gifts Are Independent Of Your Fear

If you have tried this exercise, you’ll have most likely noticed something.

Your gifts don’t care about the fear you have of sharing.

All they want, is to be shared.

They are patient and will wait for you always. They never impose themselves and will always come out, when you are ready.

This is a process through which you are consciously becoming ready.

You’re detaching the emotional context, from the content to be shared.

This makes you powerful, because your emotions being ever in flux, now are experienced along side your thoughts and insights.

They become another signal to realise, instead of your whole context of experience.

Rejoice in the freedom that this can give you. And not just in sharing an insight on the web, but in your whole life.

You Love Sharing Your Gifts – You Fear Being Seen As Shy

It’s not that you don’t have the insights and knowledge to share yourself.

It’s not that you haven’t found the perfect way to share these insights.

Rather it’s your fear of being seen as shy, judgemental, in-able, etc. that you are trying to avoid.

You love being seen while sharing your gifts.

You love sharing your gifts.

All you need to do is give space to witness yourself your emoitional context that shows up, when you attempt to share your gifts.

Once you step into this vulnerable practice, you’ll unlock a tool and key that has the potential to transform your life radically.

With Love,

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